Hydronic Balancing

We can optimize the distribution of water in your building's hydronic heating or cooling systems.

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The majority of our time is spent in the home, so why be uncomfortable. A balanced hydronic system increases energy efficiency and comfort while reducing temperature swings throughout the home.


Profitability is the key to any business model. One of the biggest costs can be your HVAC system. A balanced system reduces energy expenditures, and it increases productivity because employees and clients are comfortable.


Efficiency is essential to industrial facilities. Reducing down time means an increase in production and profits. A balanced system improves the life expectancy of equipment by reducing strain on chillers, boilers, and pumps.

What Is Hydronic Balancing?

Water balancing is a process to ensure you have the right amount of heated or cooled water flows evenly distributed throughout a building. This is also dependant on the function of each room. For example offices would require a different amount of heat and thus water flow thru coils than a processing plant.

We Work Together

On new projects engineers and manufacturers work together to design systems with specific requirements in mind. If fluid flow through a heating or cooling coil is out by more than 10% it will have severe issues that not only affect efficiency, but also the lifespan of equipment and maintenance intervals.

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Duct and air sealing technologies are proven to make your air cleaner and healthier while delivering comfort and substantial energy savings.

Air Balancing

If you have noticed inconsistent temperatures when the air conditioning or furnace is running, your HVAC system may benefit from air balancing.

Fire Damper Testing

We can test your Fire Damper for compliance compete with report as required by Fire Code.

Duct Pressure Testing

We can check your ducts with our pressurizing systems to ensure any leaks can be addressed.

Sound & Vibration Testing

We can restore ambience to your building with tests that allow us to recommend modifications to meet any of your design objectives.

HVAC Surveys & O&M Manuals

We can complete extensive surveys of your HVAC systems to ensure compliance and reliability from your systems.

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NBC Certified

Quality Guarantee

At NBC, we have long known that true system performance and efficiency goes beyond traditional testing and balancing. NBC trained and certified professionals specialize in comprehensive HVACR system diagnostics. Using exclusive methods such as CSER© & HSER© reporting, technicians have the expertise to measure and verify actual system operating performance.

Through this diagnostic process, NBC professionals can identify how much of the BTU capacity of the system is being delivered to the occupied space. This allows the building owner or engineer to gain a unique insight to the system’s operating performance vs. design capacity. Thorough diagnostics allow technicians to pinpoint system defects and deficiencies and make accurate, knowledgeable recommendations to achieve optimum performance. No other TAB organization offers this in-depth level of actual delivered system performance analysis of your environmental systems.

As certified professionals, our work is high quality, and we ensure accuracy of the work.