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We can test your Fire Damper for compliance compete with report as required by Fire Code.

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Many multi-unit housing, such as apartments and condominiums, have fire and smoke dampers installed in the ventilation ductwork. In the event of a fire the fire and smoke dampers will close, to allow the residents adequate time to vacate the building.


Many Commercial buildings have multiple fire dampers, Fire and smoke dampers are installed in the ventilation ductwork and will close on detection of heat or smoke. This helps to prevent the fire and smoke from spreading via the ductwork to the rest of the building.


The use and proper installation and maintenance of fire and smoke dampers is a vital part of a properly designed life safety system. When fire emergencies happen, these devices will help minimize life and property loss while helping firefighters extinguish the fire.

What Are Fire Dampers?

In general, a fire damper works when heat from a fire causes the normal temperature of a room to rise to approximately 165 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature the fusible link which is attached to the fire damper melts causing the dampers door/curtain to close. Once this door/curtain closes it reduces the spread of fire, as such fire dampers are considered a life safety device. Fire Dampers are used in air transfer openings, ducts, and other places where fire rated structures (e.g., walls, floors or other fire barriers) are penetrated. If these openings wouldn’t be protected, the fire would easily spread to other spaces and damage the property and pose a danger to people in this building. The idea of compartmentation is to keep the fire in the start point and prevent it from spreading to other locations. This helps to limit & extinguish the fire and minimize the total damages to the facility and environment.

Do Fire Dampers Require Inspection?

The Alberta Fire Code now requires annual location and inspections of Fire Dampers. It’s important to have a report completed by licensed and certified inspector in the event a fire Marshall or the AHJ (Authority having Jurisdiction) inspects your building for code compliance. Your insurance company may provide a discount for code compliance. Kesil Test & Balance Ltd has inspected thousands of fire dampers in commercial buildings in Alberta and British Columbia. We are the leaders in Fire Damper Inspection, Repairs and Reporting. We will inspect and validate that your Fire Dampers are code compliant, we will notify you of any deficient items needing correction or repair. Once our inspection is complete, we will give you a printable PDF that can be kept on file or inserted into the buildings Operations and Maintenance Manuals.

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Through this diagnostic process, NBC professionals can identify how much of the BTU capacity of the system is being delivered to the occupied space. This allows the building owner or engineer to gain a unique insight to the system’s operating performance vs. design capacity. Thorough diagnostics allow technicians to pinpoint system defects and deficiencies and make accurate, knowledgeable recommendations to achieve optimum performance. No other TAB organization offers this in-depth level of actual delivered system performance analysis of your environmental systems.

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